This last weekend several teams from CrossFit C2L descended upon the Rookie Rumble in Livertyville, IL. The two person same gender teams competed across several different WODs through out the day, giving each WOD their all every time. While athletes battled nerves they rose to the occasion every time, pushing past what they perceived their limits to be, and discovering inner strength they didn’t know they had.

  When the dust settled and all was said and done we were proud to find three of our athletes standing on the podium. Josh Adaya and Ed Solis took home the top spot for the mens Rookie division, while Randy Lopez and his partner took third in the same division. The other teams fought hard all day, smiled, laughed, (probably swore a little bit…just a little though) and came away with a sense of accomplishment that comes from laying it all on the line. That feeling of know you gave everything you had, and walked away with nothing left to give.

  Congratulations to all the athletes listed below for competing last Saturday! We couldn’t be more proud of you for your heart, dedication, and never give up attitude.


Katie Levia, Nong Otts, Joy Baganz, Lisette Montanez, Brian Clark, Ken Swan, Ed Solis, Josh Adaya, and Randy Lopez.

  It takes a ton of courage to do something like this. As you all begin your journey and decide to compete remember, this is your time. Each time you step out on the competition floor remember that a true mark of a champion, the thing that makes you truly great, is when someone asks you if you had any left to give you can proudly stare them in the eye and say, “no, I left it all out there on the floor, everything I had”. Because win or lose, the effort, the sacrifice, and the heart to hold nothing back will be the cornerstone to build your legend upon for years to come.

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