I just completed my first Spartan HH12HR. Thanks to the C2L coaches (past and present) and my fellow Athletes. You set the example of always pushing to improve your personal best. There is no way I would have made it without the training program and team atmosphere you have developed.

A year ago I ran my first Spartan race, the Super here in Chicago.  I barely made it after almost 3.5 hours on the course, 150 burpees for failing 5 obstacles and struggling to jump the fire with leg cramps. I made two decisions during that race (actually after falling off the multi-rig), to figure out how to train for these events and, most importantly, that I really wanted to be around these people.

I saw C2L was one of the few if only Boxes that offered Spartan SGX OCR training in our area. This was so new to me I had to Google CrossFit.  After seeing clips of the competitions and competitors I was very nervous starting this level of training at 48 years old.  Once I arrived at the C2L Box I immediately felt welcomed by the Coaches and other Athletes.  I didn’t know what a WOD was so just followed the Coach’s demonstrations.  They were great at providing motivation and instruction when my form or execution was off.

At one of the early OCR classes I was asked to write my training goal for the 2016 on a wall at C2L. I decided to go for a Spartan Trifecta and finished the 2016 season with a Beast that fall.  I didn’t cross off the goal.  I decided to leave it and go for both the Trifecta and Endurance Trifecta in 2017.  I’ve got a Beast, Sprint, HH and HH12HR….now focused on the Ultra-Beast in Tahoe and getting a Super in before December 2017.

The support of the entire C2L community has been instrumental to being physically and mentally prepared for these events.  Looking forward to working alongside the Coaches, current and new C2L Athletes as we work to achieve our goals and push ourselves to set new ones.




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