But I Don’t Like Thrusters


Everyone has done it at some point. They sign up for the next day super committed and excited to tackle whatever the coach programs. Then 8pm rolls around and we open up the app on our phone, scroll down and find, gasp, thrusters and burpees. Then it happens, the excuses start coming.

“I worked out really hard three days ago and I am actually pretty sore, I should probably skip tomorrow.”

“My legs, shoulders, back, face, arms hurt.”

“I think I have to suddenly work early.”

(Yelling to the other room…) “Honey didn’t you need me to take the kids to school tomorrow?”

“Screw burpees and thrusters, I hate those things.”

The list goes on and on. This leads to hitting the cancel reservation button as fast as we possibly can in hopes that coach didn’t see our name on the list before we did. We feel mildly good (maybe really good) about our decision to back out at the last minute and walk to the kitchen to shove a donut in our face instead. We do this enough and something strange happens, we realize we are hitting cancel on everything. We have become the one thing that is sure to derail our fitness goals faster than a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream followed by a tub of frosting. We’ve become a Cherry Picker.


What’s a Cherry Picker Anyway


Cherry Pickers are those individuals who only go to CrossFit classes that are doing something that they are comfortable doing. Classes that provide just enough of a challenge, but don’t put them outside their comfort zone. They see workouts that are in their wheelhouse and show up early. Anything else and you can usually count on them to cancel quickly, as well as prepare what they think is an acceptable excuse for the coach next time they see them.

News flash…There is no acceptable excuse as to why you keep not showing up to class.


If I’m Still Working Out It’s Ok Right?


That’s probably the single most important question you can ask. The answer is a little more complicated than one might think. The reality, and shorter answer, is no. Let’s look at the complicated answer though.


Yes you are still moving and being active. Your body is sweating, it’s being put to a test. But it’s the same test. Maybe the workout changes, but it’s always gymnastics and bodyweight movements. Or it’s always heavy oly lifts. No matter which version you are always doing your body is adapting. Even worse? Your consistency isn’t there, which leads to a much bigger problem.


I’m Not Seeing Results Like I Want


Your fear is forcing you into staying in your comfort zone. It also means you are not getting into the box consistent enough. With a lack of consistency you won’t see results, period.

We see it a lot. People let fear of failure rule their routine. Fear of unknown. CrossFit and Obstacle Race Training are about just that though. Stepping outside of the comfort zone, crushing fear, and preparing for the unknown. It is this preparation that insures that you are not only stepping outside of that zone, but also developing the consistency needed to achieve your goals.


Stomp Fear Into Submission, See Results


Don’t let fear rule your life. We’ve all heard it before. Just like in other parts of your life it applies here. You suck at cardio? Get better at it. Afraid of lifting weight overhead? Start small, and build to big. Develop what you need to be good at everything until you find you no longer give in to fear and your fitness, as well as your life, is suddenly better for it.


What’s This Got To Do With Hero WODs and Murph?


People that give into fear tend to stay away from tough workouts, like the HERO WODs. Yet that’s just a crime. When we do that, we miss the opportunity to honor men and women who were willing to give their life, their ability to come home to their families, for the greater good. Cherry picking HERO WODs is doing their sacrifice and memory a huge disservice. They deserve more than that.

Afraid of the workout? Not sure you are ready for it? Don’t skip it. Suit up, show up, ask your coach how to scale it to where you are at in your ability, and do your best. Getting into this practice will make developing the right mentality against fear much easier. It will also insure consistency in your workout, and make getting to your goals you have for yourself, your body, and your future, a little closer to reality.

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