Month: August 2017

Benchmark Thursday – FGB

CrossFit C2L Naperville / Plainfield, IL This week’s Benchmark workout is a classic and an amazing test of fitness. Warm-up 2 Rounds 200m Run Walking Lunge w/ Samson Stretch Squat Jumps (10) Plank Push-Ups (10) Hollow Rocks (40) Rolling V-Sits (10) Metcon – AMRAP “Fight Gone Bad”​​ ​ ​Rx​ Three rounds of: Wall-ball, 20#,10ft. (Reps), …
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Partner Wednesday

CrossFit C2L Naperville / Plainfield, IL “The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic, or hospital.” Warm-up Roxanne… Then: Pigeon Pose Twisted Cross Frogs Pose Metcon – TIME For Time Partner A will start the WOD. Once they have completed all of the first movement they will start the …
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Metcon Monday

CrossFit C2L Naperville / Plainfield, IL “The things you do when no one is looking is what defines you.” Warm-up 50m Butt Kickers 50m High Knees Jump Squats Wall Sit Couch Stretch Pigeon Pose Barbell (5ea): Back Squats Good Mornings Strict Press Elbow Rotations Stiff Leg Deadlifts Front Squats w/ Pause Skill / Strength 5 …
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Be Coachable – Brute Strength Podcast

We are big fans of Brute Strength Podcast and Brute Strength Training. They are smart, knowledgeable, and are great at shooting you straight. This quick little video featuring Adrian Conway, is a great little honest conversation about being coachable. Video courtesy of Brute Strength Training  

Fundraiser WOD for Trooper Albin

CrossFit C2L Naperville, IL / Plainfield, IL Trooper Ryan Matthew Albin died June 28, 2017 in an accident while on duty. His K9 partner was involved in the accident as well, but survived. He is survived by two children. This fundraiser is dedicated to him and goes to support his kids. Warm-up 400m Run Side …
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