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99 Problems But A Pull-Up Ain’t One – Barbell Shrugged Podcast

If you don’t listen to the Barbell Shrugged podcast you are missing out. These guys are not only funny and entertaining, but they are super on point with progressions to learn things like, well, pull-ups. Video courtesy of Barbell Shrugged  

Be Coachable – Brute Strength Podcast

We are big fans of Brute Strength Podcast and Brute Strength Training. They are smart, knowledgeable, and are great at shooting you straight. This quick little video featuring Adrian Conway, is a great little honest conversation about being coachable. Video courtesy of Brute Strength Training  

Mike’s Spartan Story

I just completed my first Spartan HH12HR. Thanks to the C2L coaches (past and present) and my fellow Athletes. You set the example of always pushing to improve your personal best. There is no way I would have made it without the training program and team atmosphere you have developed. A year ago I ran …
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Murph, Hero WODs, and The Evils Of Cherry Picking

But I Don’t Like Thrusters   Everyone has done it at some point. They sign up for the next day super committed and excited to tackle whatever the coach programs. Then 8pm rolls around and we open up the app on our phone, scroll down and find, gasp, thrusters and burpees. Then it happens, the …
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Shoes, Glorious Shoes – How To Pick The Right Shoe

Why Shoes Matter You see them every time you are in the box. Some are brightly colored, some very plain looking, others with interesting patterns. We are of course talking about shoes. Most people don’t realize that what athletic shoe you should wear depends upon what type of activity you are doing. The majority of …
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CrossFit C2L Athletes Take On The Rookie Rumble

  This last weekend several teams from CrossFit C2L descended upon the Rookie Rumble in Livertyville, IL. The two person same gender teams competed across several different WODs through out the day, giving each WOD their all every time. While athletes battled nerves they rose to the occasion every time, pushing past what they perceived …
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