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C2L Member Referral Program

CrossFit C2L Member Referral Program: Exercise and fitness is fun. It’s even more fun when you have a friend or family member to do it with. You can high five, celebrate, and even compete a little, against one another. We think so too, and the more friends and family members that you bring in the …
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C2L House Rules

Every house has rules to live by and CrossFit C2L is no exception. Our house rules help to make sure that our athlete community is safe, progressing, and fun. So take a moment, look them over, and live them every time you step inside for class. Doesn’t matter if it’s CrossFit, Spartan SGX, Olympic Lifting, …
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Gymtimidation – Beware and Be Informed

It’s a real thing, Gymtimidation, honest. The word may be a little made up but the feeling is legit. People come into a gym or box and feel nervous, apprehensive, and a little scared right out of the gate. There are large gyms that feed off of this like Planet Fitness where they don’t allow …
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