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Why We Don’t Do Strength Training Every Day (Or Do We?)

So I have been getting a lot of questions regarding strength training in the box lately. People have been asking why we don’t do much strength training. The answer is we still do. Let me explain as there is this thing called “periodization training”.   Periodization Makes Me Better   Periodization training is the process …
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99 Problems But A Pull-Up Ain’t One – Barbell Shrugged Podcast

If you don’t listen to the Barbell Shrugged podcast you are missing out. These guys are not only funny and entertaining, but they are super on point with progressions to learn things like, well, pull-ups. Video courtesy of Barbell Shrugged  

Be Coachable – Brute Strength Podcast

We are big fans of Brute Strength Podcast and Brute Strength Training. They are smart, knowledgeable, and are great at shooting you straight. This quick little video featuring Adrian Conway, is a great little honest conversation about being coachable. Video courtesy of Brute Strength Training  

C2L House Rules

Every house has rules to live by and CrossFit C2L is no exception. Our house rules help to make sure that our athlete community is safe, progressing, and fun. So take a moment, look them over, and live them every time you step inside for class. Doesn’t matter if it’s CrossFit, Spartan SGX, Olympic Lifting, …
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Stronger, Faster – Improve WOD Times with Strength Training

How often do we fall into the trap? The idea that simply showing up and doing the WOD at our favorite box will give us everything we need to get stronger and faster? This is absolutely true by the way, to a certain extent. If you’ve been fairly sedentary in life, or are coming from …
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Benefits of Anaerobic Training

Anaerobic Training How many times have you been told CrossFit is better for you because it keeps you in the anaerobic training zone? That anaerobic training is better for you than aerobic training? Yet how many coaches take the time to explain why this is, or even more importantly what anaerobic training is and how …
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