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Why We Don’t Do Strength Training Every Day (Or Do We?)

So I have been getting a lot of questions regarding strength training in the box lately. People have been asking why we don’t do much strength training. The answer is we still do. Let me explain as there is this thing called “periodization training”.   Periodization Makes Me Better   Periodization training is the process …
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Stronger, Faster – Improve WOD Times with Strength Training

How often do we fall into the trap? The idea that simply showing up and doing the WOD at our favorite box will give us everything we need to get stronger and faster? This is absolutely true by the way, to a certain extent. If you’ve been fairly sedentary in life, or are coming from …
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Active Recovery and Performance

Active recovery isn’t rest? Simple answer, no, no it’s not. Active recovery actually involves “exercising at a low-intensity as a means of helping your body recover from competition, high-intensity exercise, or muscle soreness” ( I learned the significant difference between active recovery and rest on the body the old fashioned way, shoveling rocks. Let me …
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Benefits of Anaerobic Training

Anaerobic Training How many times have you been told CrossFit is better for you because it keeps you in the anaerobic training zone? That anaerobic training is better for you than aerobic training? Yet how many coaches take the time to explain why this is, or even more importantly what anaerobic training is and how …
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Internal Motivation and Fitness

External and Internal Motivation A lot is made of motivation when it comes to fitness. Coaches are paid insane amounts of money to strategize, plan, and motivate their athletes. Fitness sites like have written about how to stay motivated during exercise. Why all this motivational hoopla? Because without it people fall off their newly …
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Waking Up is Hard to Do – The Art of Starting your Day in 15 Minutes or Less

Let’s be honest, waking up isn’t always easy. Sure there are those morning people we all know that somehow manage to jump right out of bed and plaster a smile on their face. For the most part though the people I have met in my life are dragging to get out of bed in the …
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