John Ziegler

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
USAW Sports Performance
Certified Fitness Trainer
Specialist Fitness Nutrition
CPR / AED Certified

3rd Place Masters Battle at the Ballpark
1st Place Masters 2013 Atlas Race
2nd Place 40-44 BattleFrog NJ
1st Place Heat Rugged Maniac Portland, OR
3rd Place 40-44 Reebok Spartan Invitational
9th Place 2014 Chicago Warrior Dash (1st in Age Group)

Coaching is everything to me. I began coaching professionally in 2003 in my home state of Oregon and fell in love with it. Helping people, seeing them improve and change has been the most rewarding aspect of all of this. As I watch our community evolve and achieve things they had previously viewed as impossible I find myself motivated to be a better coach and step my own training up. This has led to an evolution in my own fitness.

It’s become about the pursuit of perfection in movement. Working daily to strive to be a little faster, a little stronger than I was yesterday. Competing in obstacle course races and CrossFit drives me to work harder, run more, train more, learn more, eat better. It isn’t even about competing with anyone else, it is about my against me, doing better than the last time. It was discovering the impact the power of competition has had that led to founding Compete2Live.

Sean Hastings

CrossFit Level 1
Spartan SGX Coach
ISSA Fitness Trainer
CPR / AED Certified

1st Place Age Group Atlas Ranger Temecula, 2015
1st Place Age Group Merrell Down & Dirty Race, 2015
1st Place Team Jack Axe Chicago, 2015
3rd Place Master’s Spartan Chicago, 2016
3rd Place Age Group, Savage Race Chicago, 2015
3rd Place Age Group Atlas Boss Temecula, 2015
World’s Toughest Mudder 50 Miles, 2015
World’s Toughest Mudder 55 Miles, 2016
Bryce Canyon Ultra Marathon, 50 miles, 2016

I grew up in a small town in Central Illinois and have been an active member of the Naperville community for over 10 years. As a kid, I was very active and played all kinds of sports through college. With two boys I have had the opportunity to introduce them to sports and coach –what a rewarding experience!

My coaching philosophy is simple: everyone is an individual and has different fitness abilities and goals. My role as a coach is to help you reach your potential, and there are many ways to get you where you want to go – I just help you choose a path and stay on track.

Rachel Bryla

CrossFit Level 1

I’ve been a runner all of my life and only lifted to get better at running. Ran varsity track and field all 4 years of high school, and came back to coach while studying history at Lewis University. After college I missed the rush of competition and began running 5k’s. In 2008 I went to National Personal Training Institute and graduated in October 2009. In 2009 I was introduce to Warrior Dash and got hooked and then ran my first Spartan Race in 2011. I started crossfit July of 2012 to prep for a crossfit-esque competition and have been drinking the kool-aid since.

Derek Au

USAW Certified

3rd Place Aurora Weightlifting Spring Slam

I got into Olympic Weightlifting in college. It seemed like it would be more fun than power lifting which I had been doing for about a year. I didn’t play sports before and was more a nerd than an athlete, but Oly just seemed to be something I developed a passion for.

I competed in the Aurora Weightlifting Spring Slam where I went 6/6 on lifts and took 3rd with 94/120. My Second meet was  the USAW Chicago Summer Open where I went 3/3 on the snatch and hit a PR of 105 kilos. Unfortunately I was injured in my cleans and have spent time recovering. I am back to lifting now and couldn’t be happier.

The best thing about coaching is seeing people improve. That “aha” moment and the way their face lights up when something suddenly is smooth and done the right way.

Valentina Fuss

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids

I was born and raised in Russia.  Growing up, I was more of a nerd than an athlete, and it wasn’t until 2007 when I moved to the US that I became a fitness junkie. I tried all kinds of different activities like running, spinning, yoga, and weight lifting before finally falling in love with CrossFit in 2012.

I started my coaching career as a CrossFit Kids/Teens coach in 2015. I love seeing kids as they grow to love fitness and healthy lifestyles through the games we incorporate into the program. I also love hearing parents tell me that CrossFit is helping their children become better in PE classes at school or at the sports they play. Knowing that the CrossFit Kids/Teens program helped them achieve success makes coaching so rewarding. I love CrossFit – it works!

As part of the C2L team, I am looking forward to coaching adult classes alongside the CrossFit Kids/Teens program while I continue to grow as an athlete.

Shawn Gerhardt

CrossFit Level 1

I have been an athlete all my life and absolutely loved the time I got to spend lifting weights to improve at volleyball.  I not only got to play in high school but I was also recruited to play in college and got to coach for ten years.  When my collegiate career came to an end I missed my identity as an athlete and hated that I didn’t have anything to train for.  That’s when I found Crossfit.
I began training back home for a year and a half before taking off a year when I moved to Naperville in 2014 to begin my masters degree in clinical mental health.  I really don’t think a day went by for that entire year off that I didn’t think about how much I wanted to get back into it.  When I finally got the courage to enter a new box in a new area I dropped in to C2L and never looked back.
After being with this affiliate for over a year I decided to get back into my coaching hat and now I not only get to train for competitions with these members but I also get to help them reach their goals and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do.
Taylor Billet

CrossFit Level 1

Unlike most people, I didn’t have an incredible, eye-opening experience the first time I walked into a Crossfit gym. In fact, I had to force myself to walk through the door every day for 3 months. It wasn’t the methodology – it was the community. Even though I had played sports my entire life (soccer, swimming, boxing, basketball, etc.) and was a certified personal trainer at the time, I wasn’t “up to par” with their standards for their athletes.

I moved a few months after terminating my membership and decided to give Crossfit another try. I joined a gym that welcomed me with open arms, no matter my physical ability. Finally, I understood and experienced the Crossfit community I had heard so much about. In 2013, a year later, I signed up for my Level 1. I’ve always had a passion for coaching and witnessing the “ah ha” moments. My goals as a Crossfit coach are to ensure every person feels welcomed and comfortable regardless of where they are in their fitness journey, and have a lasting impact on the community by helping every member achieve their fitness goals, whether that is to compete or keep up with the grandkids.


Address: 3075 Book Rd, Suite 111 Naperville, IL 60564 Phone:331-701-8104