What Is OCR?

Obstacle Course Racing is one of the fastest growing communities in the fitness industry. There are races ranging in distance from 3 miles to over 25+. Some are introductory and do not add the challenge of elevation change or weight bearing obstacles. Others require you to crawl under barbed wire, climb mud soaked ropes and carry heavy objects over long distances.

Training for such an event is a progressive process that incorporates multiple training models.

In short, it’s not your average training regimen.

The good news is the certified OCR coaches at C2L have extensive, first-hand knowledge on the training requirements of the sport. Whether your goal is to participate in your first OCR or compete at an Elite level, we have a program that will suit your needs.

C2L offers OCR training in two formats – 8 week prep programs and an ongoing program.

8 Week Prep Programs: These programs are progressive in nature and meant to prepare you for a specific event.

  • Where do you begin?
    • Brand New? The Couch2Course ™ training program will get you there!
    • Tried a few? CruiseTheCourse is where you are at.
    • Racing elite? CrushTheCourse. It’s no joke artichoke.

Ongoing OCR Training: This is similar to CrossFit programming in that classes will be held weekly and the structure will focus on improving endurance, strength, and athleticism needed to compete in an OCR, or to just live a healthier, happier life.

Need help finding a race that is right for you? Visit the C2L events page(link) for help in learning what options are out there!

Let’s talk about what OCR is not:

  • a normal 5k stroll through your neighborhood
  • for people unwilling to get a little dirt on their hands
  • for people afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone

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